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(Free Shipping) Hylab Gen2 Tattoo Pen Machine

(Free Shipping) Hylab Gen2 Tattoo Pen Machine

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wehsGen2 is the first mass-produced product developed by the HYlab team in 2017. It has been on the market for 5 years so far. During this period, RD has made 4 system optimizations. It is a very stable product with a very high praise rate. The extended handle design can provide customers with a better grip experience, and the paragraph can be adjusted more accurately. The adjustment needle is stable and accurate.

I.Material: Aircraft aluminum with CNC carving technology.

II. Adjustable stroke: 0-3.5mm

III .Motor:    Customized Motor 

                   Speed: 12V 10000 rpm

IV.Voltage: 3-10V

V Weight: 143g

VI. Color:  Red、Rose Red、Orang

The machine by :Hylab

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